Indirect Infringement Concerns
Indirect Infringement
Written by Administrator
Thursday, 23 September 2010 16:04
The file sharing footprint left by sasquatch cases such as Napster and MGM Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd., 545 U.S. 913 (2005) have kept intellectual property bounty hunters and watchdogs intrigued for the first decade of the New Millineum. Many lessons have been learned, as other monster cases trail behind the first pioneering ghouls. But, in looking at the current infringement footprints, it may seem as if sasquatch is just getting bigger, bolder, and more out of control. Our firm is on the scene, too. Our due diligence efforts and understanding of professional sociology can aid us to help your company get to the source behind any of your legal circumstances. We also can provide information to assist your company in “cleaning” up its corporate trail. Innocence, willfulness, and anti-trust issues are also proving to be hot issues paving their way into the New Millennium’s second decade. As tech company revenues grow larger and technology gets more savvy, we continue to follow the trends as we aim to assist your company to navigate around any progression concerns interfering with its overall revenues.